Catalyst recycles CO2 into household chemicals

(May 24 2024) A low-cost, tin-based catalyst developed at Argonne Laboratory can selectively convert carbon dioxide to three widely produced chemicals — ethanol, acetic acid and formic acid.

Cause of seismic activity at Illinois CO2 injection site

(May 24 2024) Pore pressure diffusion generated by carbon dioxide injected underground at a carbon storage site in the Illinois Basin is the likely cause of hundreds of microearthquakes that took place at the site between 2011 and 2012, accord...

CO2 removal: feasibility study evaluates possible measures for Germany

(May 23 2024) An interdisciplinary research team led by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research has developed a clear evaluation matrix.

CCS from energy-from-waste: a low-hanging fruit?

(May 22 2024) An Oxford Institute for Energy Studies report evaluates the business case for CCS in the UK EfW sector and assesses the technical feasibility of installing carbon capture technology at the facility level.

Sabin Center report on legal issues in oceanic transport of CO2

(May 21 2024) A new report published by the Sabin Center at Columbia Law School examines the laws governing international transport of carbon dioxide for sequestration.

Cement production has the potential to become a net-zero industry

(May 21 2024) In an address at the World Cement Association (WCA) Annual Conference, Emir Adiguzel, Director of the WCA, outlined the significant challenges and transformative opportunities facing the global cement industry.

MHI, ArcelorMittal Gent begin blast furnace CO2 capture trial

(May 21 2024) The pilot carbon capture unit will operate for one to two years at Gent, to test the feasibility of progress to full-scale deployment of the technology, which would be able to capture a sizeable portion of the Gent site emissions.

Strengthened cooperation between Norway and Switzerland on CCS and CDR

(May 20 2024) The Governments signed a Declaration of Intent to strengthen cooperation on CCS and carbon dioxide removals between the two countries.

National Carbon Capture Center welcomes Chevron as a new member

(May 20 2024) Chevron joins BP, ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies as NCCC Industrial Advisory Committee members, along with AEP, ClearPath, EPRI, NRECA, TVA and Wyoming ITC.

BV report: potential for CCS to enable carbon value chains

(May 20 2024) Bureau Veritas (BV) has released a report which assesses the technical viability of current CCS technology within the marine market and highlights the vital role of shipping.

Holcim breaks ground on GO4ZERO project in Belgium

(May 20 2024) The plant aims to produce 2 million tons of net-zero cement per annum by 2029 in Obourg, Belgium.

Consortium invests in Danish biogas plant

(May 20 2024) The ambition is to build a flagship plant for bioenergy in Denmark and thereby contributing positively to the green transition in Hjørring Municipality and Denmark.

Carbon capturing batteries developed to store renewable energy

(May 20 2024) Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing battery technologies to fight climate change in two ways, by expanding the use of renewable energy and capturing airborne carbon dioxide.

CCS Europe Action Plan for CCS

(May 19 2024) CCS Europe has released an Action Plan with a number of recommendations for policy makers.

MNZ | Peak Cluster Partnership report sets out steps to unlock UK CCS deployment

(May 17 2024) 15 May 2024: MNZ | Peak Cluster partnership calls for commercially mature carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects to be provided with a clear alternative route to market, to unlock private investment to ensure the UK can hit its net-zero targets.


Issue 98 - Mar - Apr 2024

CCUS in the U.S.: A New U.S. Industrial Backbone - Exploring Regional CCUS Hubs .. National Carbon Capture Center tops 150,000 testing hours .. Baker Hughes’ most interesting tech Morecambe Net Zero set to be one of UK and Europe’s largest CO2 store.....