A new catalyst that transforms carbon dioxide into added-value chemical products

(Feb 02 2023) Scientists have developed a catalyst that can convert CO2 into chemicals such as cyclic carbonates.

Storing carbon dioxide underground low risk says study

(Feb 02 2023) A study led by the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (IMEDEA CSIC-UIB), both belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), has shown...

NSTA sets up dedicated team to oversee the delivery of carbon storage

(Feb 02 2023) The North Sea Transition Authority has responded to the rapid growth of the UK's carbon capture and storage industry by setting up a dedicated carbon transportation and storage team.

LedaFlow forms CCS research consortium

(Feb 02 2023) LedaFlow Technologies has formed a research consortium with with a range of energy companies and suppliers to enhance its multiphase transport simulator technology for transport and injection of CO2.

Carbon Clean joins with industry to demonstrate CO2 conversion technology

(Feb 02 2023) The company has joined forces with 14 other organisations, including BASF, Tata Steel and Unilever, to demonstrate the value of carbon capture to the UK consumer products sector.

U.S. DOE awards $131 million for CCS projects

(Feb 01 2023) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $131 million for 33 research and development projects to advance the wide-scale deployment of carbon management technologies to reduce carbon dioxide pollution.

European project to streamline modelling of carbon capture process

(Jan 31 2023) Cranfield University is part of a European-wide research collaboration geared towards designing a quick and effective simulation model for carbon capture technology.

Aker Carbon Capture enters Finnish market

(Jan 31 2023) Aker Carbon Capture will deliver a pre-engineering study to the energy company St1 for the development of a carbon capture facility at Finnsementti's Lappeenranta cement plant.

One Carbon Partnership formed for ethanol CCS project

(Jan 31 2023) Cardinal Ethanol and Vault 44.01 Ltd. have formed a joint venture to design, implement, and operate a CCS project at Cardinal’s ethanol production facility near Union City, Indiana.

NETL partner demonstrates over 2.8 Million tonnes of CO2 capture from ethanol

(Jan 31 2023) Food processing company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), with support from NETL, demonstrated an integrated system of processing CO2 and transporting it from an ethanol plant to the Mt. Simon Sandstone saline reservoir for permanent geologic storage.

Spirit Energy to transform depleted gas fields into carbon storage cluster

(Jan 31 2023) Spirit Energy plans to convert its depleted South Morecambe and North Morecambe gas fields and Barrow Terminals into a world-class carbon storage cluster.

Standard Lithium installs Carbon Capture Pilot Plant

(Jan 31 2023) The Pilot Plant has been successfully installed at the final testing location in southern Arkansas where it will assess the technical and financial viability of capturing CO2 directly from natural gas burning flue-gas streams.

ExxonMobil awards FEED for world's largest low-carbon hydrogen facility

(Jan 31 2023) Technip Energies will conduct the FEED. The project targets 1 billion cubic feet of low-carbon hydrogen per day, while capturing more than 98% of associated CO2 emissions.

Calix consortium to manufacture sustainable fuels from captured CO2

(Jan 30 2023) The Solar Methanol Project, of which Calix is a consortium member, has been awarded funding to develop the production of sustainable fuels from captured process CO2 emissions.

PETRONAS and ExxonMobil sign CCS project development agreements

(Jan 30 2023) The companies signed two Project Development Agreements to jointly pursue Carbon Capture and Storage activation projects in Malaysia.


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