Boosting the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems

(Jan 27 2021) Researchers at MIT have developed a method that could significantly boost the performance of systems that use catalytic surfaces to enhance the rates of carbon-sequestering electrochemical reactions.

ETH Zurich study shows path for zero carbon aviation fuel

(Jan 25 2021) Carbon neutral aviation is possible, but in future, aircraft are likely to continue to be powered by fossil fuels. The CO2 they emit must be systematically stored underground.

Low carbon future for cement industry is possible

(Jan 25 2021) The Lehigh CCS Feasibility Study looks at the viability of capturing 90-95 per cent of the carbon dioxide from the cement plant’s flue gas.

Hydrogen decarbonization pathways

(Jan 25 2021) A Hydrogen Council report shows that low-carbon hydrogen supply at scale is economically and environmentally feasible and will have significant societal benefits if the right localised approach and best-practices for production are used.

IEAGHG report on CCS in waste to energy

(Jan 24 2021) The implementation of carbon capture and storage or utilisation in WtE plants is the subject of a new study by IEAGHG.

Dutch Porthos project running to schedule

(Jan 24 2021) Porthos, the project for CO2 capture and storage in Rotterdam, is on schedule to store an annual amount of 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the industry in empty gas fields beneath the North Sea as from 2024.

Infrastructure commission seeks evidence on CCUS

(Jan 21 2021) The UK National Infrastructure Commission is inviting businesses, policy makers, scientists, academics, thinktanks and investors to share their views on the potential of two CCUS technologies.

IEA to produce world’s first comprehensive net- zero roadmap

(Jan 18 2021) The new special report, "The World’s Roadmap to Net Zero by 2050", will set out in detail what is needed from governments, companies, investors and citizens to fully decarbonise the energy sector.

Dastur to evaluate feasibility of India's largest CCUS project

(Jan 15 2021) Dastur has been selected to lead the design and feasibility study for a CCUS project at the 13.7 million tons per annum Koyali refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Chevron invests in carbon capture startup

(Jan 15 2021) The investment is in San Jose-based Blue Planet Systems Corporation, a startup that manufactures and develops carbonate aggregates and carbon capture technology intended to reduce the carbon intensity of industrial operations.

New process more efficiently recycles excess CO2 into fuel

(Jan 12 2021) A new study introduces an electrochemical reaction, enhanced by polymers, to improve CO2-to-ethylene conversion efficiency over previous attempts.

Researchers Synthesize Light Aromatics from CO2 Hydrogenation

(Jan 12 2021) Aromatics are usually produced from petroleum via chemical conversion processes, which are energy-intensive and accompanied by high CO2 emissions.

Haldor Topsoe and Aker Carbon Capture to cooperate on low-carbon hydrogen

(Jan 10 2021) Aker Carbon Capture and Haldor Topsoe have signed a memorandum of understanding with the intention to offer a complete solution for low-carbon hydrogen production.

O.C.O secures enhanced range of materials for carbon capture

(Jan 10 2021) A much wider range of residual and industrial materials will be permitted for processing by O.C.O Technology's Accelerated Carbonation Technology.

New method to make carbon spheres developed

(Jan 07 2021) A fast, green and one-step method for producing porous carbon spheres which capture CO2 has been developed by Swansea University researchers.


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