Carbon capture – cheaper than a plant without it

(Jul 25 2014) NET Power LLC, a company based in Durham, North Carolina, is developing the best thing a carbon capture enthusiast can hope for – a way of burning gas to make electricity with just CO2 and water as the output – which is cheaper t...

Kentucky carbon capture pilot begins construction

(Jul 25 2014) The megawatt-scale carbon capture pilot unit will be located at Kentucky Utilities Company’s E.W. Brown Generating Station, near Harrodsburg.

Tees Valley CCS project hires coordinator

(Jul 21 2014) Pale Blue Dot Energy has been awarded a 12 month contract to build the business case for developing an industrial CCS network on Teesside in the UK.

UK and Australia join on CCS research

(Jul 11 2014) The UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) and the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) will collaborate.

2Co Energy to sell Don Valley CCS project

(Jul 11 2014) 2Co Energy is in negotiations to sell the project to Norwegian CCS technology company Sargas AS

Capturing CO2 emissions needed to meet climate targets

(Jul 11 2014) A study from the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research supports CCS as a key policy in mitigating climate change.

PSE launches gCCS modelling software

(Jul 10 2014) Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) has officially launched its gCCS systems modelling environment for full-chain carbon capture and storage applications.

White Rose project awarded EU funding

(Jul 08 2014) Up to €300M has been awarded to the White Rose CCS project in the UK under the EU NER300 funding competition second call for proposals.

Shell Cansolv to test CO2 capture at Mongstad

(Jul 04 2014) Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) and Shell Cansolv have agreed on a contract for testing of Cansolv’s advanced CO2 capture process at the existing amine plant at TCM.

CCS in the Netherlands - and the future of ROAD

(Jul 01 2014) ROAD, the Dutch flagship CCS project, is currently “essentially mothballed” while the project team wait for financing. Speakers at the CATO conference discussed who should be doing more to get it moving – industry or government?

Developing a conceptual CCS vision for Saskatchewan

(Jun 26 2014) ICO2N has developed a CCS infrastructure vision for the province of Saskatchewan.

CO2CRC spinoff seeks to commercialise CCS technology

(Jun 25 2014) A group of CO2CRC researchers at the University of Melbourne have formed a company to further invest in and commercialise a range of Australian-developed carbon capture technologies.

FTIR gas analyser in use at UK carbon capture research centre

(Jun 25 2014) Quantitech has commissioned an advanced Gasmet FTIR multiparameter gas analyser at the UK Carbon Capture & Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) facility.

Study shows Scotland ready for CCS hub

(Jun 22 2014) A study by Element Energy has shown that all the components are either in place, or can be readily developed, for Scotland to become a CCS hub.

DOE awards $100M for innovative energy research

(Jun 22 2014) The money will fund 32 projects at Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs) across the U.S. including several on CCS.


Issue 39 - May-June 2014

CCS in Canada: CCEMC Grand Challenge projects - CO2 Solutions’ heavy oil pilot with Husky Energy - Alberta projects update - Mining residues as ambient CO2 sinks CCS in the finance community - from apathy to activity - CO2CRC Otway project update - .....

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