Highly efficient chemical looping reactor patented

(Oct 30 2020) University of Connecticut professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering George Bollas has patented a reverse-flow fixed-bed reactor for power generation and CO2 recapture.

Bellona Briefing: Norway’s Longship CCS Project

(Oct 30 2020) Bellona provides an overview of the project including financial risks and project costs.

BGS study to investigate potential for CO2 storage testbed

(Oct 30 2020) A new study to be undertaken by the British Geological Survey (BGS), on behalf of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), will scope out the potential for a deep borehole carbon dioxide (CO2) storage research testbed.

U.S. DOE-NETL CO2 storage projects review meeting

(Oct 29 2020) A blog from the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme summarises a recent meeting updating on DOE NETL funded CO2 storage projects.

Carbon dioxide: the new chemical feedstock for valuable consumer products

(Oct 29 2020) NETL researchers such as Dominic Alfonso are using advanced computational tools to repurpose carbon dioxide (CO2) from a waste product into chemical building blocks to manufacture fuels and a range of high-value items.

LafargeHolcim and Carbon Clean to develop large scale CCUS plant

(Oct 29 2020) Carbon Clean has signed an agreement in Spain with LafargeHolcim, ECCO2 and Sistemas de Calor to develop a large-scale carbon capture and utilisation plant.

How to navigate your way through industrial decarbonisation

(Oct 28 2020) With the “Climate Solutions for Industry” project, Bellona aims to identify, compare and evaluate potential solutions to accelerate industrial decarbonisation, with the intention of not only providing a list of solutions availabl...

Sharing data from Northern Lights well

(Oct 27 2020) The Northern Lights project will disclose datasets from the confirmation well 31/5-7 Eos drilled in the North Sea and completed earlier this year.

University of Glasgow joins SCCS partnership

(Oct 26 2020) Academics from the University of Glasgow have joined forces with SCCS the UK’s largest grouping of carbon capture and storage (CCS) scientists, to strengthen climate action through targeted research.

Leading energy companies form partnership to accelerate UK North Sea carbon storage

(Oct 26 2020) bp, Eni, Equinor, National Grid, Shell and Total form Northern Endurance Partnership to develop offshore carbon dioxide infrastructure in the UK North Sea, with bp as operator.

Santos announces successful carbon injection trial at Moomba

(Oct 26 2020) Santos has successfully injected approximately 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide into depleted gas reservoirs as part of the final field trial for the Moomba CCS Project.

EFI and Stanford Release Action Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage in California

(Oct 26 2020) “An Action Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage in California: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions” provides policymakers with options for near-term actions to deploy carbon capture and storage (CCS) to meet California’s climate goals.

Vattenfall and Aker Carbon Capture to achieve negative emissions in bio-CCS projects

(Oct 26 2020) Vattenfall has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Norwegian Aker Carbon Capture to accelerate the evaluation of future carbon capture plants in Sweden and Northern Europe.

Launch of Dinamx industrial CO2 capture pilot in France

(Oct 26 2020) The four-year Dinamx “Demonstration and innovative applications of the DMX™ process” project* has been launched by partners IFPEN, Total Refining & Chemicals and ArcelorMittal France.

Copenhagen aims to become carbon neutral through CCS project

(Oct 26 2020) A facility for the capture of CO2 will reduce emissions from the Amager Resource Center (ARC) by 500,000 tonnes of CO2 annually and can thus significantly contribute to the City of Copenhagen’s goal of becoming the world’s first ...


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