UK paper calls for more CCS funding

(Jun 28 2017) The paper, titled ‘Making the most of our geological resources’, outlines the need for a new Catapult organisation in the North of England to launch the drive towards CCS, supporting heavy industry.

Report: CCS would make renewables and nuclear energy look cheap

(Jun 28 2017) Eminent energy economist warns that carbon capture and storage will never be viable.

Australian Deputy PM sees carbon capture tech potential at Imperial

(Jun 27 2017) Imperial's Australian collaborations and global lead in carbon capture research were the focus of a visit from Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce. By Thomas Angus, Andrew Scheuber, Imperial.

Cement Sustainability Initiative publishes technology review on mitigating CO2 emissions

(Jun 25 2017) The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) has published a technology review on current and anticipated developments that can be used to mitigate CO2 emissions in cement production.

Pioneering ‘fingerprint’ test will build confidence in geological storage of CO2

(Jun 25 2017) A test developed by Scottish scientists to check for leaks from carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites, where man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are stored deep underground, has been used for the first time in Canada.

U.S. DOE to invest $12m in carbon storage research

(Jun 19 2017) The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has made $12 million available to advance new geological carbon storage projects that enable safe, cost-effective, and permanent geologic storage of carbon dioxide.

New test campaign at Technology Centre Mongsatd

(Jun 19 2017) A new test campaign named MEA-3 has started at TCM containing a number of sub-projects focusing on CO2 capture, emissions to air and model predictive controlled operations.

GroundMetrics awarded contract for subsurface CO2 monitoring

(Jun 16 2017) GroundMetrics will be monitoring CO2 in the subsurface through a new project selected for award by the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Chinese and Norwegian companies collaborate on CCS

(Jun 16 2017) TCM has signed a four-party Memorandum of Understanding to further progress carbon capture collaboration between Norwegian and Chinese Companies.

ETI: enough storage capacity for UK until at least 2050

(Jun 15 2017) The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has published a new report which confirms that large scale storage sites using shared infrastructure and existing low risk technologies would provide the lowest cost route to developing car...

CO2 Capture Project Annual Report

(Jun 12 2017) The CCP (CO2 Capture Project) has published its latest Annual Report covering the key programme activities delivered during 2016.

Making CCS acceptable to the public

(Jun 01 2017) In a report for the IEA Clean Coal Centre, Public outreach approaches for carbon capture and storage projects, Toby Lockwood found that awareness of CCS among the general public is low, and better-informed groups support other lo...

Funding available for Australian projects

(May 31 2017) CO2CRC welcomes today’s announcement by the Hon. Josh Frydenberg, Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Energy, that carbon capture and storage will now be eligible for funding by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

CO2 Solutions Valorisation Carbone Québec Project

(May 19 2017) The project committee has announced the first major steps in its deployment.

Acorn project wins EU funding to progress CCS in the UK

(May 10 2017) The Acorn project, a full chain small scale carbon capture and storage project in North East Scotland, has received support from the EU.


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