Coal power plant in Chennai sells CO2 for soda ash manufacturing

(Oct 20 2016) UK / Mumbai CO2 separation technology company Carbon Clean Solutions Ltd (CCSL) has announced that its technology is being used in a 10 MW coal power station based near Chennai, India, where the CO2 is sold for use in manufacturing soda ash.

SNC-Lavalin to develop "business case" for ETI gas power + CCS project

(Oct 20 2016) The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has appointed engineering and construction group SNC-Lavalin to develop a "generic business case" for a gas fired power plant fitted with carbon capture and storage.

Sheffield projects on new chemical solvents and innovative materials for CCS

(Oct 20 2016) The University of Sheffield has begun two projects to look at cheaper ways to capture CO2. They are both funded by the European Commission's Horizon2020 program, and total funding for the projects (which is also shared with other...

ION Engineering testing solvent at Mongstad

(Oct 20 2016) ION Engineering, of Boulder, Colorado, has started testing its carbon capture solvent at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) in Western Norway.

GCCSI appoints communications and advocacy staff

(Oct 20 2016) The Global CCS Institute has announced the appointments of Antonios Papaspiropoulos as Global Lead, Advocacy and Communications, and Jake Lynn as Senior Advisor, Advocacy and Communications, Americas.

Czech / Norway CCS forum at GHGT in Lausanne on Nov 14

(Oct 20 2016) A forum about carbon capture and storage in the Czech Republic, and joint Czech-Norwegian research, will be held during the Greenhouse Gas Technology (GHGT) event in Lausanne, this November.

First thoughts from the GCCSI event in Oslo

(Oct 20 2016) Last week I was at the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute European CCS Forum in Oslo -

SNC-Lavalin appointed to ETI gas power with CCS project

(Oct 12 2016) The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has appointed engineering and construction group SNC-Lavalin to a new project to develop a generic business case for developing a gas-fired power plant fitted with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Nearly one-fifth of U.S. Senate signs on to CCS legislation

(Oct 10 2016) A total of 19 U.S. Senators are now supporting the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Act.

New facility to create safe carbon storage

(Oct 10 2016) CO2CRC Limited and The University of Melbourne have opened new $7.56 million emissions reduction laboratories aimed at providing clean, efficient and cost-effective energy for Australia.

Government supports TCM until 2020

(Oct 10 2016) In the Norwegian State budget the government proposes continued support of Technology Center Mongstad operations, initially until 2020.

Norway breaks vicious cycle of inaction on CCS deployment with concrete plans for industry

(Sep 30 2016) Bellona says that thanks to its consistent efforts the Norwegian government has decided to move forward with the country’s three CO2 capture projects.

Ionic liquids for more efficient CO2 capture

(Sep 23 2016) Existing methods to capture CO2 suffer from a series of drawbacks directly affecting their output. Aiming to improve the situation, Dr. Sonia Zulfiqar has been investigating the CO2 absorption capacity of new materials based on a...

Keeping Cool with Carbon Capture Technologies

(Sep 23 2016) Using CO2 scrubbers to clean the air inside buildings could lead to more efficient air conditioning systems finds NETL research.

New carbon capture and storage laboratory opens at Australian University

(Sep 20 2016) CO2CRC Limited and Federation University Australia have officially opened a new CCS laboratory at the University's Gippsland Campus.


Issue 52 - July - August 2016

CCS in Australia: PICA project to improve CO2 capture efficiency for power and industry; GipNet – Applied research in marine MMV for CarbonNet; University of Queensland looks at rock reactivity CO2 re-use: time to pay attention? Energy Technologies.....

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