Improving CO2 storage using hospital scanner

(May 02 2016) Researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB) have identified PET scanning as an effective tool for improved oil production and CO2 storage.

Devising an efficient market for CO2 emissions

(Apr 29 2016) Selina Cai, an assistant professor of industrial engineering who specializes in operations research at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, is developing models that demonstrate how the CCS market would work.

Researchers assess attitudes to North Sea energy future

(Apr 28 2016) New research in Scotland has stressed the need for a clear government policy which positions Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the North Sea as part of a managed transition towards a low-carbon economy in the UK.

UK Government should set power sector carbon intensity target

(Apr 27 2016) A UK Energy and Climate Change Committee report says the Government should set a power sector carbon intensity target of 100 gCO2/kWh for 2030.

C-Capture receives £150,000 as Shell Springboard National Winner

(Apr 26 2016) C-Capture, a spin out company from the University of Leeds, received £150,000 as the Shell Springboard National Winner for its innovation which removes CO2 from industrial gas streams.

Cement consortium awarded €12m to demonstrate CO2 capture

(Apr 26 2016) The Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement (LEILAC) consortium has secured funding to test Calix’s direct separation process to capture CO2 emissions from cement and lime production.

Brad Page: political courage needed to achieve climate targets

(Apr 25 2016) Bold policy commitments from political leaders are the only route to achieving the ambitious targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, according to Brad Page, Chief Executive Officer of the Global CCS Institute.

NIST could help keep sequestered carbon from blowin’ in the wind

(Apr 25 2016) Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have taken an important first step in validating a technique for monitoring carbon dioxide emissions from sequestration sites.

MHI receives order for CO2 Capture Unit for Nippon Ekitan's Mizushima Plant

(Apr 25 2016) The CO2 capture unit is for a new liquefied carbonic acid gas production facilities under construction at the company's Mizushima Plant in Japan.

Arup appointed to undertake carbon capture storage study

(Apr 25 2016) Arup has been appointed by Summit Power Caledonia UK to provide environmental and permitting advice for the Caledonia Clean Energy Project in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Integrating coal-to-hydrogen with carbon capture

(Apr 25 2016) Researchers at Edinburgh University have found a way of improving ultrapure hydrogen production yield and reducing energy consumption for carbon capture and compression.

Simulating CO2 saturation in rocks

(Apr 15 2016) A more detailed model of rocks used to store CO2 could help understanding of storage capacity and leakage risk.

International team publish paper on CCS pilot funding

(Apr 15 2016) The Coal Utilization Research Council (CURC) and Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) have released a study titled, "Analysis of Options for Funding Large Pilot Scale Testing of Advanced Fo...

CONTAIN project needs your views - £300 prize

(Apr 15 2016) As part of EPSRC-funded project CONTAIN, researchers from Cardiff University are canvassing the CCS community's views on CCS development and roll-out.

Japan establishes geological storage research association

(Apr 12 2016) The Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage Technology Research Association has been founded in Kyoto, Japan.


Issue 49 - Jan - Feb 2016

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