Energy firms cooperate on large scale CCUS network in UK's Humber

(Sep 09 2019) National Grid Ventures, Drax Group and Equinor have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing them to work together to explore how a large-scale carbon-capture usage and storage (CCUS) network and a hydrogen production fac...

Tanks of algae may herald future of carbon capture tech

(Sep 09 2019) To advance this science, biotech startup Helios-NRG is testing technologies for algae cultivation and carbon capture in a greenhouse at University at Buffalo.

Putting a price on carbon pollution alone unlikely to help reach climate goals

(Sep 09 2019) Imperial College London researchers show that carbon taxes alone cannot reduce emissions enough to reach the Paris Agreement targets.

‘Crucial Role’ of Oil and Gas Industry in meeting UK Net Zero targets

(Sep 05 2019) Oil and Gas UK has published a blueprint setting out five key themes requiring industry, government and regulator action to ensure the sector can continue to provide secure energy supply, support net-zero and remain a vital contr...

European cooperation on carbon capture and storage

(Sep 05 2019) Equinor has, on behalf of the partners of the Northern Lights project, signed memoranda of understanding with seven European companies to develop value chains in carbon capture and storage.

Electrocatalytic reactor converts CO2 into liquid fuel

(Sep 04 2019) The catalytic reactor developed at Rice University uses carbon dioxide as its feedstock and, in its latest prototype, produces highly purified and high concentrations of formic acid.

C-Capture to work with SINTEF to validate its carbon capture technology

(Sep 04 2019) C-Capture is to work with Norway’s SINTEF on a new phase of its research and development programme.

Locking carbon dioxide in mine waste

(Sep 02 2019) Two Canadian mines will pilot University of British Columbia-led research that combats greenhouse gas emissions by trapping carbon dioxide in mine tailings, the waste left over from ore mining.

ExxonMobil partners with Mosaic Materials on MOFs

(Aug 28 2019) The companies have entered into an agreement to explore the advancement of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for removing CO2.

Making high value chemicals from CO2

(Aug 28 2019) University of Delaware researchers have developed a new way to synthesize valuable chemicals from CO2.

Global storage regulations reviewed in new CCP report

(Aug 28 2019) Increased CCS policy confidence and a growth in regulatory regimes for CO2 storage worldwide are among the key findings of a new report published by CCP (CO2 Capture Project).

Total joins National Carbon Capture Center

(Aug 28 2019) The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Carbon Capture Center - which is managed and operated by Southern Company - has welcomed French major energy player Total as a new member.

UCLA scientists develop new technique for creating membrane filters

(Aug 21 2019) UCLA researchers have developed a new technique called thin-film liftoff, or T-FLO, for creating membrane filters with application in carbon capture.

Boilermakers advocate for CCUS technology in Canada

(Aug 15 2019) The Boilermakers Union championed CCUS technology at two key energy and climate events in Saskatchewan and British Columbia in May.

Norway Youth Parties demand full-scale CO2 storage

(Aug 15 2019) The nine Youth Parties have agreed a common position that the government realize a CO2 capture and storage project as soon as possible.


Issue 70 - July - Aug 2019

CCS in Australia - Australian South West Hub Project on saline acquifer storage .. CO2CRC Otway Stage 3 Project .. Australian gas fields show that CO2 storage is secure Tata Chemicals to build UK''s largest Carbon Capture & Use plant .. Shell QUEST .....

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