UK member joins International CCS Test Centre Network

(Feb 24 2015) The UK CCS Research Centre’s PACT Facilities have joined the CC Test Centre Network founded by TCM Mongstad.

ETI Insight report into UK transition to low carbon

(Feb 20 2015) The UK can implement an affordable transition to a low carbon energy system by 2050 but decisions taken in the next decade will be critical, according to a new report published by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

Canada funds CO2 field research station

(Feb 13 2015) CMC Research Institutes will establish a Field Research Station (FRS) to commercialise instruments associated with CO2 underground storage.

Microcapsule material for carbon capture developed

(Feb 06 2015) A team of researchers has developed a novel class of materials that could enable a safer, cheaper, and more energy-efficient process for carbon capture.

FutureGen suspended after funding withdrawn

(Feb 06 2015) The U.S. Department of Energy has suspended the FutureGen clean-coal project in western Illinois because it could not meet a spending deadline.

DOE focusses on CCS with $560 million

(Feb 04 2015) In 2016, U.S. Fossil Energy Research and Development will continue to focus on carbon capture and storage and activities that increase the performance, efficiency, and availability of systems integrated with CCS.

CO2 Solutions' pilot plant begins construction

(Feb 04 2015) The pilot at Husky Energy’s Pikes Peak South heavy oil site in Saskatchewan has begun construction.

DOE and Shell Canada collaborate on CO2 storage tests

(Feb 04 2015) The Department of Energy (DOE) and Shell Canada will collaborate on field tests to validate advanced monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) technologies for underground storage of CO2.

AUS $25 million for Otway project

(Feb 02 2015) The Australian Government has granted AUS $25 million over five years to the CCS research project based in Victoria.

National Coal Council releases study on CCS deployment

(Feb 01 2015) The NCC study looks at speeding deployment of CCUS at commercial scale.

Focussed policy support needed for North Sea CCS development

(Jan 29 2015) A report by Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) urgently calls for specific policy support and wider political ambition within the European Union.

MIT study finds a natural impediment to the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide

(Jan 27 2015) Researchers in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT have found that once injected into the ground, less carbon dioxide is converted to rock than previously imagined.

CCS vision for UK Tees Valley launched

(Jan 21 2015) Major energy intensive industrial plants located in Teesside in the UK Tees Valley have set out their vision of transforming the area into Europe’s first CCS equipped industrial zone.

EURELECTRIC calls on EU to push ahead with CCS

(Jan 16 2015) EURELECTRIC, the EU electricity trade body, has urged EU policymakers to push ahead with CCS demonstration as part of Europe’s decarbonisation strategy.

CCST paper finds that California needs to resolve regulatory uncertainties surrounding CCS

(Jan 16 2015) A California Council on Science and Technology paper finds that regulatory uncertainties are a barrier to CCS deployment.


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