CO2 Solutions receives $400k Government loan

(Mar 29 2015) The repayable loan will be used to optimize the company's carbon capture technology.

Decarbonising British industry: why industrial CCS clusters are the answer

(Mar 28 2015) New analysis from think tank Green Alliance highlights that CCS is the only technology available to decarbonise heavy industry to the extent needed to meet carbon targets and protect the UK from climate change.

UK awards £4.2m for CCS research at Grangemouth

(Mar 27 2015) The UK and Scottish Governments have given £4.2 million in-principle funding to support Summit Power’s proposed CCS coal-gasification power station located in Grangemouth.

ETI report shows UK can build 10 GW of CCS by 2030

(Mar 17 2015) A new Energy Technologies Institute report shows that Building a 10 GW scale Carbon Capture and Storage sector by 2030 in the UK is feasible and affordable.

The potential for bioenergy in the UK

(Mar 13 2015) Biomass combined with CCS remains the only credible route to deliver negative emissions to help meet the UK’s 2050 climate change targets, says an ETI report.

New material captures carbon at half the energy cost

(Mar 13 2015) UC Berkeley chemists have developed a material that can efficiently remove carbon from the ambient air of a submarine as readily as from a coal-fired power plant.

Shell Canada funds CCS exhibit

(Mar 13 2015) Shell Canada is contributing $450,000 to the TELUS World of Science, Edmonton (TWOSE) to fund its on-site school program, and unveiled a new interactive CCS exhibit.

Indiana University geochemists model underground movement of stored CO2

(Mar 08 2015) Computer modeling by geochemists at Indiana University and colleagues in China and Sweden has shown more detail of the fate of CO2 stored underground.

Callide Oxyfuel Project completes with results

(Mar 08 2015) The successful collaboration between CO2CRC’s Otway Project in Victoria and the Callide Oxyfuel Project in central Queensland has come to the end of a key stage with the completion of the Queensland project.

UK member joins International CCS Test Centre Network

(Feb 24 2015) The UK CCS Research Centre’s PACT Facilities have joined the CC Test Centre Network founded by TCM Mongstad.

ETI Insight report into UK transition to low carbon

(Feb 20 2015) The UK can implement an affordable transition to a low carbon energy system by 2050 but decisions taken in the next decade will be critical, according to a new report published by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

Canada funds CO2 field research station

(Feb 13 2015) CMC Research Institutes will establish a Field Research Station (FRS) to commercialise instruments associated with CO2 underground storage.

Microcapsule material for carbon capture developed

(Feb 06 2015) A team of researchers has developed a novel class of materials that could enable a safer, cheaper, and more energy-efficient process for carbon capture.

FutureGen suspended after funding withdrawn

(Feb 06 2015) The U.S. Department of Energy has suspended the FutureGen clean-coal project in western Illinois because it could not meet a spending deadline.

DOE focusses on CCS with $560 million

(Feb 04 2015) In 2016, U.S. Fossil Energy Research and Development will continue to focus on carbon capture and storage and activities that increase the performance, efficiency, and availability of systems integrated with CCS.


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