Toshiba report on applying CCS to China steel plant

(Sep 03 2015) Toshiba was commissioned by the Global CCS Institute (GCCSI) for a feasibility report on applying Carbon Capture and Storage to a major steel plant in China.

DOE selects CO2 capture projects for funding

(Sep 02 2015) The U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected eight projects to receive funding to construct small- and large-scale pilots for reducing the cost of CO2 capture and compression.

Berkeley develops CO2 conversion catalyst

(Sep 02 2015) A molecular system that holds great promise for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide has been modified so that it now also holds great promise as a catalyst for converting captured carbon dioxide into valuable chemical products.

Evaluating a new approach to CO2 capture and storage

(Sep 02 2015) In a perspective paper published in Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, researchers examined a new approach that could potentially overcome many barriers to deployment and jumpstart this process on a commercial scale.

CO2 Solutions' enzyme catalyst meeting expectations

(Sep 02 2015) The demonstration unit has now exceeded 1,000 hours of operation and is performing as expected.

Australian Government invests in CCS research fund

(Sep 02 2015) The Australian Government is investing in the advancement of carbon capture and storage technologies, through a research fund designed to facilitate industry investment and research,

CCJ OPINION: A deadline for non CCS coal and gas power?

(Aug 24 2015) Is it time for governments to set a firm deadline on when coal and gas power stations, which do not have carbon capture and storage, will no longer be permitted to be operated?

DOE funding for carbon storage projects

(Aug 21 2015) The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected nine projects to receive funding to research intelligent monitoring systems and advanced well integrity and mitigation.

Free access to UK CO2Stored database

(Aug 21 2015) The Crown Estate and the British Geological Survey now offer free, licenced access to the CO2 Stored database for subscribers via a more user-friendly website.

Carbon capture project win for two Aberdeen engineering firms

(Aug 21 2015) Two Aberdeen engineering consultancies are celebrating a significant project win which will see over two million tonnes of carbon dioxide captured and stored in the North Sea.

ETI seeks partners under- sea CO2 storage study

(Aug 21 2015) The Energy Technologies Institute is seeking partners for a project to study the impact of removing brine from under-sea stores that could be used to store captured carbon.

DOE selects 16 projects for funding

(Aug 16 2015) The DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected 16 projects testing CO2 capture systems for new and existing coal-based power plants.

TCM Mongstad starts new test campaign

(Aug 16 2015) Technology Centre Mongstad has started new MEA tests aimed to reduce risks associated with scaling up the technology.

Carbon Clean Solutions named in World Economic Forum award

(Aug 09 2015) Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS), a London-based energy technology company, was named as one of the World Economic Forum’s 'technology pioneers'.

DOE funds project on supercritical CO2 for power plants

(Aug 09 2015) The U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected Thar Energy to develop new recuperator technologies leading to more cost-effective and efficient supercritical carbon dioxide (SCO2)-based power cycles.


Issue 45 - May-June 2015

CCS in Canada: CCUS technology breakthroughs at the University of Regina, Aquistore begins CO2 commissioning, CMC Research Institutes’ Field Research station, Alberta keeps its place at the forefront of CCS deployment. EPRI’s Carbon Capture Technolog.....

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